Be careful when you see high-voltage lines in electric vehicles


Whether you know electric cars or not, you have heard that there is high voltage in electric cars. Its battery voltage can reach 600V, and the wires used for transmission are the high-voltage wires inside the electric vehicle. They are uniformly specified as orange wires, and some are wrapped with bellows that are also orange.
With the development of automotive electronics and informatization and the extensive use of automotive electronic equipment, the wiring of high-voltage lines in electric vehicles is becoming longer and more complex.
Although the wiring is complicated, it is a headache for designers. We consumers don't have to worry about safety when we can't see it, but we need to pay attention when we see it.
Usually we can see it in the cabin cover. Be careful not to touch and unplug it at will. In addition to the risk of electric shock, unplugging with power may burn the controller.
When there are some problems with the vehicle, the high-voltage wires inside the electric vehicle may be exposed, so be careful. Even if the engine is turned off, the high voltage of some cables will only slowly subside.
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