Type 2 To Type 2 AC Charging Gun
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Type 2 To Type 2 AC Charging Gun

MUSTANG-TEC®A Type 2 to Type 2 AC charging gun is an adapter or cable that allows for the connection between a Type 2 charging socket on an electric vehicle and a Type 2 charging station. It enables AC (alternating current) charging of electric vehicles, providing a means to transfer electrical power for recharging the vehicle's battery.

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Product Description

Mustang New Energy Technology(Shanghai) Co. ,Ltd. is a well-known manufacturer in China of MUSTANG-TEC® Type 2 To Type 2 AC Charging Gun. Combined with the customer's market demand, based on convenient and practical design concepts. The products have been certified with TUV,CE,CB and UKCA. With our high quality and price advantages, we have established a good reputation in the market and won the trust of customers. We can provide professional service and better price for you. If you interested in MUSTANG-TEC® Type 2-Type 2 AC Charging Cable, please contact with us.

MUSTANG-TEC®Type 2 To Type 2 AC Charging Gun Features and Advantages

MUSTANG-TEC® Type 2-Type 2 AC Charging Cable conforms to the provisions and requirements of IEC62196-2, it can charge all EV manufactured in Europe, correctly and effectively. It is compatible with all the charging stations type2.

Mechanical life: Insertion and Extraction,10000 times. Insertion and Extraction Force<100N. Impact resistance: be able to afford 1.5m drop.

Integrated structure design, beautiful appearance. The hand-held design with simple and convenient operation. Stable housing structure, stronger and more durable.

Customized services include customized logos and cables of different colors. Available for cable customization, with straight or spring shape.

MUSTANG-TEC® Type 2 To Type 2 AC Charging Gun Parameter

Product Type Type 2-Type 2 AC Charging Cable
Standards/regulations IEC62196.1-2014 IEC62196.2-2016
Ambient temperature (operation) -30 °C ... 50 °C
Withstand voltage 2500V AC 1MIN
Insulation resistance >5MΩ 500V DC1MIN
Degree of protection IP54 (When plugged in and ready to operate)
IP55 (Protective cap)
Rated Current 16A,20A,32A
Rated Voltage 250V,480V
Power 3.7KW,11KW,7.4KW,22KW
Phase One Phase/Single Phase, Three Phase
Cable Length Regular 5m, Custom length is acceptable
Raw Materials(Housing) Thermoplastics, flame retardant grade UL94-0
Raw Materials(Contacts) Copper alloy is plated with silver
Raw Materials(Cable) TPE
Lead Time It's usually three weeks. It's negotiable

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